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These are links to WIMP.COM videos that I likedThese are the WIMP.COM sub-folder names (don't click these)
unbelievableguitarist/ unbelievableguitarist/
dubstepchristmas/ dubstepchristmas/
bostaff/ bostaff/
glassharp/ glassharp/
skateboardingstyle/ skateboardingstyle/
humandolphin/ humandolphin/
epicshow/ epicshow/
icekit/ icekit/
coolesttoy/ coolesttoy/
alpinecoaster/ alpinecoaster/
timelapsespace/ timelapsespace/
guybike/ guybike/
guitarskills/ guitarskills/
jeopardyboss/ jeopardyboss/
showgoing/ showgoing/
cobrapose/ cobrapose/
billionparticles/ billionparticles/
teachrobot/ teachrobot/
electricmulticopter/ electricmulticopter/
everydayobjects/ everydayobjects/
parkboss/ parkboss/
robotsolves/ robotsolves/
massagingdog/ massagingdog/
ghanaboy/ ghanaboy/
rockanthem/ rockanthem/
sphericalmachine/ sphericalmachine/
trampolinetricks/ trampolinetricks/
shuckcorn/ shuckcorn/
awesomepeople/ awesomepeople/
clevercat/ clevercat/
whydream/ whydream/
michaelwinslow/ michaelwinslow/
infinitybeginning/ infinitybeginning/
quantumlevitation/ quantumlevitation/
playsfetch/ playsfetch/
doorinstallation/ doorinstallation/
icedwater/ icedwater/
panoramiccamera/ panoramiccamera/
boldlove/ boldlove/
honkwar/ honkwar/
obviousyou/ obviousyou/
weirdbikes/ weirdbikes/
cathairdryer/ cathairdryer/
lightenup/ lightenup/
magneticliquid/ magneticliquid/
gunroses/ gunroses/
bottlepaper/ bottlepaper/
mastiffchihuahua/ mastiffchihuahua/
senegaleseman/ senegaleseman/
juliaroberts/ juliaroberts/
popsiclesticks/ popsiclesticks/
popsiclesticks/ popsiclesticks/
meanwhilerussia/ meanwhilerussia/
flybadly/ flybadly/
Assorted stuff montage /amazingstuff/
Acrobatic stunts /amazingstuntman/
Assorted stuff montage - Some repeats from earlier /awesomethings/
From Bullet /bestchase/
Elevator gags /bestelevator/
Hideaway giant flat screen TV /bestinvention/
Synchronized bike program /bicycleskill/
Weird modes of travel /bizarretraveling/
Cat montage /brightestcats/
Buildings used as projection screens /buildingprojections/
Cute puppy /bulldogbaby/
Violin /canonrock/
Parallel Packing Assist /carinvention/
Catnip explained /catnipreason/
Cell phone hacking /cellphonehacking/
Coffee making robot /coffeerobot/
Colors explained /colorwords/
Clock using PC fan and LEDs Very Cool /coolestclock/
Each person is a pixel /coordinateddance/
New take with twist ending /cropcircles/
Robot solves Rubiks Cube /cubesolving/
Seen on Dave Letterman, except better performance /dancingbird/
Dog really loves the slide into very nice pool /dogslide/
Bicycle trails, jumps, thrills /downhillskills/
Video rendering and editing software demo /editingsoftware/
Science experiment with Gummy Bears and heat /explosivegummy/
Watch to end, who's really insane /facebookstalker/
Too much time and mattresses on hand /factorydominoes/
Hydroplane sailboat really moves /fastestboat/
Long standing tradition to rocket attack neighbors /fireworkswar/
Jeopardy question. Fosbury Flop for high jumping /fosburyflop/
Funny sketch where answers are delayed one question /funniestsketch/
From the same guy as "Wake up" /funnycat/
Good stop action feud /funnymotion/
Hammer-on to Inspector Gadget Theme /gadgetguitar/
3-D glasses demo /gameglasses/
I tried, he said try /goodinfo/
Chemical reaction makes flower glow in the dark /glowingflower/
Kid plays Beatles, not too badly /guitarkid/
Hammer-on player is pretty good /guitarsmacking/
Like steel drums made out ofWebber grill lids /hangdrumming/
Stunt tricks /helicopterbackflips/
RC Stunt tricks /helicoptertricks/
Cool way to hide files in a JPG by Jimmy Ruska /hidefiles/
Hubble telescope trained on empty space /hubblefield/
Hungry animal montage /hungryanimals/
Hurricanes explained /hurricaneborn/
Cool illusion using lines /illusionsolved/
Cat drinks by dunking head in faucet water /inefficientdrinker/
Cool projection on old building /insanebuilding/
Near misses made me question fate /insanechance/
Very psychogenic /magicmilk/
As seen on Letterman /merenguedog
Rumsfeld on 9/10/2001 /moneygo/
Movie screen glasses demo /movieglasses/
Longest day /neverending/
Dome gaming screen demo, see /rallysimulation/ below /newgames/
Kids idea for paper bottle, Europe has these already /paperbottle/
Very smart parrot /parrotsmart/
Quick peel eggs, I tried it, didn't work so well /peeleggs/
Guy with no arms plays guitar and sings /playsguitar/
Quick potter makes a pot in 2 minutes /quickestpotter/
Cool game simulator /rallysimulation/
Agile robot hand is really quick /robothand/
Turns frosted glass clear /scotchtape/
Slam dunks /slamdunks/
Smart puppy /smartpuppy/
Sniper shoot gun from hand /snipershoots/
Stoned fireman /stonedfireman/
Drifting with the General Lee /streetdrift/
Gymnast floor show with ball is incredible /talentedgymnast/
Tooth magnified to million times then out /toothmagnified/
Footage of train hit by tornado /traintornado/
Tabletop is interactive remote control /unusualremote/
Kittens ride on robot vacuum /vacuumkittens/
Very hot trio do very hot rock number /violingirls/
Multi web cam jam foolishness /webcamvideo/
How many cats are too many cats???? /womancats/