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[edit] Birth

Born in Leonardtown, MD at 2:50 AM as a 9 lb. 10 oz. son of Roger Chandler Sr. and Frances Thomas Chandler. The building no longer stands but the hospital is where Dad died either by accident or on purpose by leathal injection while we were at dinner.

Datadave at Flint School
Flint School Ships te Quest and te Vega
Some guy at the alter

Early Days

He began his comedic career at the age of 5 when being the "Class Clown" was still funny. Continuing threw high school, which wasn't such a good idea.

1971-1975 Camp Wabun in Canada

When Dad remarried, she shipped us off to summer camp. For 2 months in the summer we flew 2 hours to Buffalo, NY and rode a bus overnight to Lake Tamagami in Ontario, Canada. We got a ride in a "D-Day" style troop carrier to Garden Island and Camp Wabun. I didn't think it was a "Fat Camp" but they worked us pretty hard and I lost bunches of weight each summer, which I gained back each year. Chuck and I got to go 5 seasons but Chip only went 1 summer. The canoe trips got longer as we got older and on the last year Chuck and I were together and were shipped to the headwaters of the 512 mile Rupert River which fed west to Rupert Bay (on James Bay (on Hudson Bay)). Then, we paddled back in on the last day. The year before I spent a week in the hospital when my right leg swelled up due to repeated banging it stepping over logs. The year before that I got to paddle the assistant staff guy out overnight when he split his head open diving in on a rock. That night I found out that I could paddle quite well in my sleep, not remembering over 5 hours where I only work up twice and reportedly paddled harder than I had ever done in my life. I also portaged 3 miles that I had no memory of anything past the 1st 50 yards, which was strange on the 2nd trip. I later found that I could drive with no memory of the event. More on that later...

1974 Flint School aboard te Quest and te Vega

My Junior year of HS was spend on the 173' long 3 master Schooner te Quest sailing ship owned by J. Paul Getty and commissioned as a sub chaser during the war on the trip of a lifetime. We arrived in Copenhagen Denmark to met up with our shipmates for the next 9 months and a pair of very rusty sailing vessels. We would be worked like slaves for 10 to 40 cents/hour to restore them. Out journey took us down the coast and into the Med. Crossing the Atlantic from Africa’s Canary Islands to Brazils Amazon. Finishing up half way up the chain of the Caribbean Islands at Guadeloupe. Headmasters Stoll created this environment of learning that disregarded traditional methods They tested everyone as if they had no grades, which I found out that I had learned little in the schools to date. I had the privilege of failing out of the local high school so they sent me to a school where every one else was retarded. There I had my 1st drunk, which I woke up 3 days later on a bed with no sheets in my underwear. Seems they found the old mans booze and we passed it around. Then the bottle changed from wine to whiskey and I went from wasted to wiped out. I bucked the system for the 1st half and then hunkered down and achieved quite a lot before finishing out the year. By the end I was promoted to Navigator, probably because they got seconds before other low-lifers.

1975 Harry Lundeburg School of Seamanship

With a taste of the big blue, I sighed up for training as a Merchant Marine. Plus I learned 2 things with my G.E.D., that I could pass the test with college level scores in just 2 weeks, and if you graduate, you get to leave the A/C classroom for the hot engine room class. Our Lifeboat class was written up in the school paper as having the highest scores in the history of the school.

1976 Merchant Marine (Russia and Puerto Rico)

When Carter gave Russia all that grain, I helped take it there. We carried 44,000 lbs of corn in a C5 class oil tanker that has a large stern house an equally large house near the from where the bridge overlooked the bow, the bow is where I did my watch-standing. The North Sea is cold, even in August and I would put on every stich of clothes that I brought with me. It took 3 weeks to get there and 30 days to get to the inner anchorage (where we could go to shore), 3 weeks waiting to get to the dock and 3 more weeks to suck the corn out with giant John Deer vacuum cleaners. While waiting to get ashore we spent the time painting the Starboard side railing with a special Epoxy paint that was destroyed by the longshoreman when we put our Starboard side to the dock. The Port side was left untouched. We were there for 3 more weeks here we spent most of the time selling jeans and gum to the locals and fraternizing with the ladies. On the return trip, I was able to find the elusive "Lazy Rudder" (where you don't have to turn the wheel to stay on coarse), each watch had to tell the next watch not to touch the wheel and it stayed on course for 3 days. Finally someone turned the wheel cause he thought that the compass could be broken and I was unable to fine the sweet spot again. Once back in the States, I got off at Galveston to head to Wichita, KS to look up my 1st love Sherri Knorr who I met and dated while I was at the Flint School. After my pay was spent, she left with our dog and possible child. I shipped out again from the NY SUI Union hall on a 720' RORO (Roll On Roll Off) that held 500 cars and 200 trucks. We left Port Elizabeth, NJ on Thursday night and got to Puerto Rico by Tuesday morning where we got to go to shore and be sailors. 14 hours later we were leaving for home. For 6 month, from Sept to March (hurricane season) with sailed directly through the center of the Bermuda Triangle. There were some storms that were formidable. None were deadly but I saw a giant whirlpool that looked just like those in the sink, but this one was bigger than we were and after passing by it, we were 30 degrees off course.

1977 Computer Learning Center (met Sandy)

Second option, use my brain. Graduated top 3rd in my class, in Computer Programming November 1977 and got my 1st job from a contact that I made at the Flint School. I didn't keep that job too long after the training was completed. I programmed Dec 1022 on a VAX, for the FAA dual flight management system. I learned allot. I made $10,400/yr. That 1st job gave me a little experience which got me my second and third. Programming in Machine and Assembly Languages for 5 years I got to making 25K and stayed there for the next 5 years. When I left G.T.E. Telenet after being worked every Holiday for 2 years, I got into Contracting and doubled my income every 5 years.

1978 Married to Sandra K. Szabo (Linda and Jennipher)

Sandy and her 2 girls made a family until she fell in love with Richard, a lawyer. Open marriage just turned out in a way to troll for my replacement.

1983 Data Records Recording Studios

After jamming with friends for a year and having a good time, Sandy and I split up and in accordance with the "Pre-separation Agreement" split the profits from the sale of our house and I moved to an apartment in Adams Morgan in D.C. and started a recording studio using a 4 track that brother Chuck and I bought and shared.

1984 Party City

After spending a year with Chuck who stayed in his room except for picking up my instrument (the bass) and recording musicians, I started my own project A Group Of Friends, which is still playing to current times. I moved to Manassas Park and started a Band House called Party City (predating the store) and kept the neighbors up late at night until they all petitioned to have me thrown off the quiet little Birch Street. After only 8 months of my year lease was up, the neighbors (esp. next door who was the father of the lady who owned the house), and the rental company were glad to see me go. I had 5 roommates who paid rent for a few months then got more people to move in, some of which ripped me off as they left. Two brothers, took allot of the crap that was breaking down, but had receipts, and the insurance paid 80% and I got a check for 1,800 bucks.

1985 Coolsville

Needing to cool-it after the wild times of Party City, I moved into an apartment in Barcroft Plaza for $500/mo. The Cathedral ceilings had no insulation from the heat and after paying $350 for my 1st electric bill, I shut it off and wouldn't turn it on unless someone gave me money. I got laid off 1 week after securing the residence and stayed there for 3 years. I drove a Taxi for extra money and eventually got another computer job and had to drive past my old house every day. I had roommates to share the rent, one slept behind a wall of his stuff calling it the "Hobble-Hut".

1986 Larz From Mars Show

Larry "Larz" LaComa started a Public Access TV show and wanted all his friends to help him. It was real fun. I even took the Producers Course and created my own TV show called Datadave's Post Modern Window showing novice users how fun computers could be. I used my current Radio Shack Color Computer (CoCo) an then early PCs.

1988 Contract at UxT in Connecticut (learned Oracle)

Finally succumbing to offers to train me in Oracle database programming, I spent some time in CT working for my Uncle Charlie on his projects and his house and pool.

1989 Moved back to Virginia

Lucy and I moved into Brightwood with my mother and Becky who moved with her from Americana Drive (an apt with Cath. ceilings). I stayed there for a year and even got engaged to Julian and lived there with her until she stopped taking her Prozac suddenly.

Datadave working at FCAC
Datadave and Elaine

1990 Public Access America TV Shows

While doing work on Public Access TV shows, we were featured in several Nationally broadcast shows about Homegrown TV production. We even sent some ideas to Lorne Michaels at Saturday Night Live which was remarkably reminiscing of the skip and then movie, "Wayne's World". We never got any credit for it but that was only one of the skits that sent, and would have liked to influence more of them.

Elaine and Datadave with pets

1991 Moved into Quebec Street w/Elaine


2001 9/11 happened


2007 Moved to Falls Church, VA


2010 Green Projects with Shore Power


Season statistics

Year Show Season Host Character Guests
1985 Larz From Mars 1-3 Larz Sidekick Gus and Steve
1988 Larz From Mars 4 Datadave Guest Host Winner of the Best Video of the Year
1989 Larz From Mars 5-8 Larz Sidekick Local Talent
1990 Larz From Mars 10 Larz Sidekick Julian Armstrong
1990 Datadave's Post Modern Window 1 Datadave Computer Guru Vann Cowan
Career 3 4


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