News History:
Elaine started paying $150/mo 20 years before me.
Datadave moves in and pays her $200/mo rent for 5 years.
Got married and rent doubleed to $500/mo for 10 years.
On March 2007 rent the was raised to $600 and before it was paid the county inspected and issued violatons.
In order to "Comply with the violations" our slumlord "Took the the rental off the market".
House for sale: $585,000 (There it sat empty for 1 year) (house only worth 73,000)
House SOLD for 400K, (See below)
4 monthslater the developer sold his McMansion for $1,100,000.00 (See bottom)

He had repaired the porch once before cause Elaine fell through it over 10 years before I moved in. Despite propping up the porch so it wouldn't fall apart again.

This gap cause the Fire Marshall to condem the porch.

I had to extend the rail so folk wouldn't fall off the porch and Elaines sister almost did.

And the sidewalk had this huge gap and rise in it.

So, Elaine was forced to walk around the side of the house cause our slum load would not make the house handicap accessible after 3 requests.

Sept. 27th 2006: She fell and broke her right knee lateral bone and had to go to the hospital. Then nursing homr where she developed cellulitis and back to the hospital for interveinious anti-biotics.

Then back top the nursing home to let them take effect, and back to the hosp. for the procedure to fix her vaiens in both legs. With bandages on both feet and the nurse would not put her socks on, she fell again breaking her other knee in the same place, and after a second fall broke her shoulder getting her up.

Bac to the home untill the insurace runs out, home for 4 days, fell once, I was able to get her up, 2nd time that morning, 911 had to be called, they got her up and pointed out some bust bunnies on the grate and said, "That is a fire code violation" but left.

The next time she fell, and 911 was called again and the Fire dept. called the county and Inspector Richard Freeman and the Fire Marshal showed up.

Don't sign the "Consent to Inspect", cause they will find something wrong with you, no matter how hard you try to prepare.

The took 22 digital picture of my stuff in disarray from Sept. but none of the clear egress and porch that I felt they were there to inspect.

They told my landlord of 2 outside violations, previously mentioned. Inside they said you have to have clear windows, 36" around the furnace, and "Piles of rubbish creating an unsafe and unsanitary condition.

I fixed the inside but it was in vain, her decided to not fix the porch and instead "to comply with the violations, took the rental off the market", so I stopped paying rent.

They did not reinspect, instead, I was asked to vacate and now my rent has tripled. Alot of my stuff did not make the move.

May 24th 2007, Elaine has fallen and after 30 minutes on the floor, could not reach me so she called 911, who helped her up, but didn't leave without telling her that "All that stuff in the rooms is a fire code violation"!
They issued 5 violation and the landlord has been made aware.
  • Stuff in from of the windows
  • Stuff in from of the furnace room door
  • Adiquite walkway space
  • Adiquite space to prepare and serve food, and the best one
  • Plants around the sink

    I had to stop unpacking cause the pain in my elbow was so bad that I couldn't lift boxes anymore.
    But that doesn't seem to matter to the county cause I have 60 days to make the house a home.
    Summary, don't call 911 unless your house is in order.

    Looks lonely (sat MT 4 a year)

    Look my new camera phone has a much better picture.

    Over 1 year since we moved out.