Well we're all moved in

and only pay 3 times the rent, lost our oldest cat, Jamaica

and have way too much stuff for this smaller house. It does have plenty of parking and a very nice garage.

General loves his back yard and frequently gets out the front to mark as many bushes as he can before I can track him down. Once he escaped, marked all the bushes and was waiting on the front ramp when I opened the door. He still barks at everyone in the neighborhood, but comes running when you call.

My lap cat Hunu follows me everywhere and sleeps on me or next to me.

As does Elaines Furballi, currently as her alter ego Furbaldi.

Very small kitchen where part of the counter space is augmented by the washer and dryer.

The den is not as cluttered as the old place, reclaimed from so much stuff you couldn't open the door and stand inside the room.
The Fire Marshal actually told me I had too much peper in my den, where am I supposed to put it? I asked, and he asked if I had a shed.

It does have room upstairs if you can navigate the "Trap door" and steep stairs.

Which make a great feeding station, since the dog can't climb the stairs to the food.