Cure 4 Pain

Pain in the human body from any source is just bio-chemical information that is constantly being suppressed by the relaease of Beta-Endophine from the Petulitary Gland that resides in the center of our brains. This technique will stimulate their release and can suppress every kind of pain, even dental and emotional pain.


To begin, I like to trim back on my pain suppression by issuing the mental command: "Endure". I issue the command in my thoughts and command my brain to not suppress the pain information. Lately, I have skipped this step and just by reciting the test been able to ease pain in my Mother and many people over the phone.


Right away I start to notice the pain I have been suppressing: A knee injury, then my foot, then what's that? "Endure, endure", see what it is that you are suppressing, 'cause you are, even if you don't know it.


"Endure, endure" for about 2 or 3 minutes, more in the beginning or if the desire to really "Feel the rush",

‘cause you will feel it wash over you like a wave and it is better than any and every drug.


"Endure, endure" until every sensation in the body is heightened to the point that a simple flick on the arm

feels electric and cascades up and down the arm like sparks of static electricity.


You are ready!


In your mind, you are walking up a slight grade in the woods, a lake seen threw the trees. The grade becomes steeper you see a track. You go to cross it and look to your left a train smacks you directly IN THE FACE! Wham! You might skrinch your face to make a face and you fall back in your mind, see the sky and tree tops and you SCREAM in your brain and whisper along, or say, "I'M IN PAIN, I'M IN PAIN" over and over again and whereas it helps to actually have some pain to feel it does not matter.


Continue the "I'M IN PAIN, I'M IN PAIN", "I'M IN PAIN, I'M IN PAIN", "I'M IN PAIN, I'M IN PAIN" until you get to a point where the brain says "Oh my, I'd better shut him up", and it gives you what it has been saving up and some for a rainy day. I like to say, "Until you no longer have to keep saying it.", you'll know, it washes over you like that 1st time, every time. And the more you do it, the easier and better it gets.


In your mind, you get up, you are fine. You are walking in the woods leaves rustling you hear the snap of twigs.


Lately we skip the prep and just repeat the trauma. Every time I tell it to someone, I also get the rush even though they might not, and it is a real change in the room for me.


Then it is suggested that you direct the shot to the places in pain, "My leg" or "My foot", where ever you are in pain. You can do this over and over again and the more you do it, your body catches on and suppresses pain for you without you even knowing it.


I have found that doing drugs, especially for pain, really ruins your body’s own pain management ability and this is far better and way faster and is not addictive. There is no drug withdrawal and no side effects other than the suppression of pain.


I have been doing it for better than 20 years and taught it to over 100 people. I think it could even help with withdrawal or places where there are no medications, like prisons or third world countries.


Disclaimer: I don't suggest that stop going to the doctor or stop any medications that you are on.