Cure 4 Hiccups - Sippy Sippy


Hiccups can be caused by many triggers, such as bubbly soda or beer, dry crackers, coughing fit, or as a warning sign of suffocation. This involuntary lurching can last only a few moments if the blockage is cleared or last for days, weeks, or months. Consult Ripley.


By distracting the throat we can break the cycle. Holding your breath, spoonful of sugar, drinking out of the back of a glass or through a paper towel have been known cures. I have found this technique the most effective for me and I use it all the time.


Sippy Sippy refers to the repeated kissing of the edge of the liquid, smacking ones lips and making swallowing motions. I have even cured hiccups with the very liguid that gave me the hiccups. Donít just drink, you can be holding your breath, but sip, smack you lips and swallow over and over until the cycle is broken. I used to use holding my breath and only had to restart if I hiccupped during the hold. None of the other ones have even worked for me.