Cure 4 Headaches


I have a technique for getting rid of headaches. It was discovered by accident during one of my 3 day long pain-o-thons as a kid. I pressed on the side of my head, ohhhhh, then took my hand away too quick, Ouch!!!


I have boiled it down to these 4 steps:


  1. Point to the center of pain with your finger.
  2. Apply pressure on that point until it changes, donít rub just press. Youíll feel it change slightly.
  3. Hold until itís gone. Yes, I said it will go away, it may take up to a minute.
  4. Release the pressure very very very slowly. This is very important! Use a full 10 seconds.


Then repeat as many times as needed, especially if you let it get bad before treating it.


Also, if you nip-it-in-the-bud, then they go away quicker and may nearly stop coming.


I have shown this to 100ís of people and discovered it is called ďAcupressureĒlike acupuncture, a 4000 year old tradition in the orient.


I think it works for a different reason than they do, by redirecting blood flow temporarily, but it still works, and you donít even need to be a believer or believe in it for it to work.


Then you have tremendous fabulous wonderful satisfying sex, and repeat for ever!!!!!