Latest A Group Of Friends Jam Sessions:

(Listed in Reverse Cronological Order)

AGOF13 10/20/2009

AGOF1301 Dirt Bag Theatre (Feat: datadave-guit, Jimbo-bass, Sable-drums)
AGOF1302 Say (Feat: Datadave-flute&vocals, Kitt-guitar, Jimbo-bass, Sable-drums.mp3
AGOF1303 Song64 (Feat: Kitt, Dakota-bass, Jimbo-drums
AGOF1304 Like it (Feat: Datadave-guitar&vocals, Dakota-bass, Kitt-drums
AGOF1305 Tell Me What? (Feat: Datadave-guitar&vocals, Jimbo-vocals, Dakota-bass, Sable-drums
AGOF1306 Black inda house (Feat: Jimbo-vocals, Black-guitar, Dakota-bass, Kitt-drums
AGOF1307 Buzz Holes (Feat: Datadave-vocals, Black-guitar, Kitt-keys, Jimbo-bass&vocals, Sable-drums
AGOF1308 Cool 'till 2:00 (Feat: Black-guitar, Kitt-keys, Dakota-bass, Datadave-drums

AGOF 12 10/09/2009


AGOF 11 09/25/2009

AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 01.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 02.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 03.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 04.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 05.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 06.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 07.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 08.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 09.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 10.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 11.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 12.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 13.mp3
AGOF11 feat. The Noxious Band 092509 14.mp3


AGOF10-01 069 - Come On People - t-v-g d-g l-b s-b.mp3
AGOF10-02 069 - Gotta Sing - t-v-g dd-v d-g l-b s-b.mp3
AGOF10-03 070 - What you got to say - t-v-g d-g l-b s-b.mp3
AGOF10-04 071 - Whatever - dd-v-b v-g m-d b-p t-l.mp3
AGOF10-05 064 - Going 2 rehab - dd-g j-b s-d.mp3
AGOF10-06 062 - Welcome back DB+1 - dd-g j-b s-d.mp3
AGOF10-07 061 - Show Hide - dd-b-v v-g b4-g s-d.mp3

2009 Jun 122009 Jun 92009 Jun 5
t-v-gTony on vocals and guitardd-gDatadave guitardd-vDatadave vocals
d-gDoug on guitars-pSable precussionv-gVann guitar
l-bLindey on bassj-bJimbo bassb4-gBrian -4 guitar
s-dShane on drumsdd-bDatadave bass
dd-vDatadave vocalss-pSable precussion
dd-gDatadave guitar
v-gVann guitar
m-dMark drums
b-pBob precussion
t-lTonya lights


AGOF0901 20061208 No Time - Datadave-b-v Vann-g Brad-d.mp3
AGOF0902 20061208 Close Contact - Dd-b-v V-g B-d.mp3
AGOF0903 20061208 Waiting In Line - Dd-b-v V-g B-d.mp3
AGOF0904 20061208 What BLues - Dd-b-v V-g B-d.mp3
AGOF0905 20061208 Fallen People - Dd-b-v V-g B-d.mp3
AGOF0906 20061208 Happy Rock'n Birthday Brian3 - Dd-b-v V-g B-d.mp3
AGOF0907 20061208 Whatever You Want - Dd-b-v V-g B-d.mp3
AGOF0908 20061208 Still Too Young - Dd-b-v V-g B-d.mp3

AGOF 070607 01.avi

070525 1st - Understand - dd-v v-g j-b b-d.mp3
070525 2nd - Welcome Aboard - dd-v v-g j-b b-d.mp3
070525 3rd - Plug and play - dd-g v-g j-b b-d.mp3
070525 4th - Slap happy - dd-g v-g j-b b-d.mp3
070525 5th - Blues for Dummies - dd-v v-g j-b b-d.mp3
070525 6th - Form in motion - dd-g v-g j-b b-d.mp3
070525 7th - It won't be long - dd-v v-g j-b b-d.mp3
070525 8th - 49 for the 1st time - dd-v v-g j-b b-d.mp3
070525 9th - Fresh cut roses - dd-g v-g j-b b-d.mp3
070525 10th - Party City - dd-v v-g j-b b-d.mp3
070525 11th - Look'n for - dd-b v-g j-d.mp3
070525 12th - Formulation - dd-b v-g j-d.mp3
070525 13th - Forget reason - dd-b v-g j-d.mp3
070525 14th - Scott free - dd-b v-g j-d.mp3

060915 1st Window Pain dd=v doug-g jeff-b brad-d.mp3
060915 2nd Seen Her Before dd=v doug-g jeff-b brad-d.mp3
060915 3rd Tragic Love Balad dd=v doug-g jeff-b brad-d.mp3
060915 4th Stay'n out tonight dd=v doug-g jeff-b brad-d.mp3
060915 5th Of What You're Havin' dd=g doug-b brad-d.mp3
060915 6th Of What You're Havin' dd=g doug-b brad-d.mp3

060512 1st Get'n a little-datadave-v-b vann-g brad-d bob-c t-l.mp3
060512 2nd Drum Circle-datadave-c brad-d bob-c tonia-lights.mp3
060512 3rd Drum Circle-datadave-c brad-d bob-c tonia-lights.mp3
060512 4th Party City-dd-v-b vann-g brad-d michelle-c vic-inspirn.mp3
060512 5th Turbulocity-datadave-v-b vann-g brad-d tonia-lights.mp3
060512 6th Look'n outside-datadave-v-b vann-g brad-d tonia-lights.mp3
060512 7th Speak your mind-datadave-v-b vann-g brad-d tonia-l.mp3
060512 8th Four seconds-datadave-v-b vann-g brad-d tonia-lights.mp3
060512 9th Variation-datadave-b brad-d tonia-lights.mp3
06051210th That's what I'm talk'n about - d-v-b v-g b-d t-l.mp3
06051211th Cold fasioned love song-datadave-v-b vann-g brad-d.mp3
06051212th I love you so-datadave-v-b vann-g brad-d.mp3

060403 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave 1st Deep inside.mp3
060403 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave 2nd A Group Of Friends.mp3
060403 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave 3rd Tribute for Marriott.mp3
060403 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave 4th Life Line.mp3
060403 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave 5th Amendment.mp3
060403 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave 6th Party City.mp3
060403 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave 7th Blues Society.mp3
060403 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave 8th Out of my hand.mp3
060403 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave 9th FareTheeWell.mp3

060224 1st Let me go - doug-g dd-b-v b-d b-c t-l.mp3
060224 5th Still Alive - d-g dd-b-v b-d b-c t-l kara-v-p.mp3

060124 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave - Let's make love.mp3
060124 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave - Open up your Heart.mp3
060124 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave - Street Walk'n.mp3
060124 Smokin' Lotus with Datadave - We took a chance.mp3



050729_5_(Tell_Me)_dd-v-g_doug-keys kenny-b_JB-mgr_b_d_b-c_t-l.mp3

050325_1_(BJam Part I)_ddave-v-b_v-g_mark3-g_bill-h_JB-d.mp3
050325_2_(BJam Part II)_ddave-v-b_v-g_mark3-g_bill-h_JB-d.mp3
050325_3_(BJam Part III)_ddave-v-b_v-g_mark3-g_bill-h_JB-d.mp3

Check out these official AGOF (A Group Of Friends) Releases. See end for Legend.
AGOF7 01/03/2003

AGOF0701 Merry Christmas Baby.mp3
AGOF0702 bin ladin.mp3
AGOF0703 Happy New Year 2003.mp3

AGOF 6 08/17/2001

AGOF0601 20010727-1 Setups Vann-g Datadave-b Bey-c Norm-d Jef.mp3
AGOF0602 20010727-2 Plans Vann-g Datadave-b Bey-cv Norm-d Jef.mp3
AGOF0603 20010727-3 Crowns Vann-g Datadave-b Bey-c Norm-d Jef.mp3
AGOF0604 20010727-4 Wells Vann-g Datadave-b Bey-cv Norm-d Jef.mp3
AGOF0605 20010817-1 In Out Jim-7str Dre-sax Bey-c Norm-d Data.mp3
AGOF0606 20010817-2 ThrewIt Vann-g Jim-7str Dre-sax Bey-c Nor.mp3
AGOF0607 20010817-3 Coverts Vann-g Jim-7 Dre-s Dd-f Bey-c Nor.mp3
AGOF0608 20010817-4 we Say Vann-g Jim-7 Dre-s Rob-g Bey-c Nor.mp3

AGOF 5 07/20/2001

AGOF0501 20010504-1 Snd4ce-Vann-g Dd-g Rob-b Brian-d Bey-c Bo.mp3
AGOF0502 20010504-2 TimeWillTell- Vann-g Jim-7 Dre-d Bey-c Dd.mp3
AGOF0503 20010504-3 OnThePhone - Vann-g Dd-g Rob-b Dre-d Bria.mp3
AGOF0504 20010720-1 HowItGoes- Vann-g Dd-gvfx Jim-7 Bey-cv Dr.mp3
AGOF0505 20010720-2 Can'tStopMyLeg- Dre-kv Bey-cv Jim-7 Ddave.mp3
AGOF0506 20010720-3 YouGuysRock- Vann-g Dre-k Brian-d Bey-c D.mp3
AGOF0507 20010720-4 PartyCity-Vann-g Ddave-b Dre-k Brian-d Be.mp3

AGOF 4 05/04/2001

AGOF0401 20010713-2 Slap 5-Vann-g Jim-b Dre-d Bri-d Dd-gv Bey.mp3
AGOF0402 20010713-5 Having Fun - Jim-b Mark-d Dd-vfxf Bey-cv.mp3
AGOF0403 20010713-9 Feel No Pain-Bey-cv Dre-k Mark-d Datadave.mp3
AGOF0404 20010713-4 TellMeWhy-V-g Jim-b Dre-d D-gv Brian-p Be.mp3
AGOF0405 20010713-1 PlanAhead-Jim-b Dre-d D-f V-g Brian-d Bey.mp3
AGOF0406 20010706-3 Midnight - Vann-g Dd-b Bill-h Mark-d Bey-.mp3
AGOF0407 20010615-7 TakeMeAway-Vann-g Dd-bv Mark-d Dre-sax Be.mp3
AGOF0408 20010615-1 Look'n4-Dre-s Norm-d D-vf V-g B-cv B-d Bo.mp3
AGOF0409 20010504-5 Foresight - Vann-g Norm-d Dre-k Datadave-.mp3
AGOF0410 20010504-6 Og - Vann-g Rob-b Datadave-fv Norm-d Bey-.mp3
AGOF0411 20010628-1 ProtoMatter-Vann-g Rob-b Dd-p Mark-d Bey-.mp3
AGOF0412 20010615-2 Weekdays - Doug-g Datadave-b Dre-d Norm-c.mp3
AGOF0413 20010713-3 Outro-V-g Bey-c D-thanks Dre-d Kevin-d et.mp3
AGOF0414 20010706-5 FilterDown-Vann-g Datadave-b Bey-cv Bill-.mp3

Dd-v Datadave means Me on vocals, also g=guitar, b=bass, d=drums, f=flute, k=keys, s=sax, l=lights, c=congas/cungas, p=precussion
v-g Vann Cowan usually plays guitar, also Vann-g
j-b Jimbo Quatro usually plays bass, also Jim-b, j-7 for the 7-string
m-d Mark Eckert usually plays drums
b-c Latine Bey R.I.P. played it all, usually congas and sometimes vocals (AGOFI - Still of the night)
dj-g-v dJango Mulholland came by to record some thracks, I liked this one, but thought he wrote it, he did not, oops.
b-d Was Brian on drums, but in 2006 it became Brad on drums
Dre-s is Dre Jackson on drums, also sax and keys
b-h is Bill Vreabel on hard
n-d was Norm Thorne on drums, he also played guitar before loosing track of him and I stopped trying 7 times ago.
k-x Kevin "Burton" Hall played a mess of stuff before drinking himself into the hospital, we hope he pulls through
d-g Doug Langebeck plays guitar, sings, drums, keyboards and bass
b-p Bob Fitzpatrich plays precussion and occasionally sings
t-l Tonia Fitzpatrich like to do the lightshow and precussion
j-b Jeff plays bass and sings
michelle-c helped us out on congas and precussion
vic Vickie Young helped us out on inspiration
kara sue alford stops by occasionally, when we're not at kenny's house
kenny gill rocks on guitar and bass and sings when he sticks around
b2 is Brian -2, there is a Brian3 but he doesn't play much
Eric also jams with us and sings for Smok'n Lotus
Mark3 left SL when he got married, who knows whoi is Mark2
JB is James Brown (2nd hardest working man in show business, not the 1st)
r-b Rob on bass
Charles is banned for life!
Willie played drums very loudly, got a T-Shirt and we've never seen him since.


AGOF0301 Temporal Eclipse.mp3
AGOF0302 Sound Check.mp3
AGOF0303 Fortune 500.mp3

AGOF03 Song1 v-g, dd-b, m-d
AGOF03 Song2 v-g, dd-b, m-d
AGOF03 Song3 v-g, dd-gv, m-d


AGOF0201 Party City.mp3
AGOF0202 Outer Perimeter.mp3
AGOF0203 What About Bob.mp3
AGOF0204 Carbon Copy.mp3
AGOF0205 We Will Learn.mp3
AGOF0206 Clip 4 WWW.mp3
AGOF0207 Where's Willie.mp3
AGOF0208 Eagle-T.mp3
AGOF0209 B.mp3

AGOF02 Song1 dd-bv, v-g, b-h, c-d
AGOF02 Song2 dd-fv, v-g, r-b, c-d
AGOF02 Song3 dd-fv, r-b, b-c, b1-p, v-g, c-d, b-l
AGOF02 Song4 dd-gv, r-b, m-d
AGOF02 Song5 dd-gv, r-b, m-d
AGOF02 Song6 dd-g, v-g, r-b, kara-tamberine, m-d
AGOF02 Song7 dd-v, v-g, b-h, r-b, willie-d
AGOF02 Song8 dd-v, v-g, r-b, m-d
AGOF02 Song9 dd-v, v-g, r-b, m-d

AGOF - A Group Of Friends

AGOF0101 Still Of The Night.mp3
AGOF0102 Jail Break.mp3
AGOF0103 Just Another Day - parts I & II.mp3
AGOF0104 One Step Farther.mp3
AGOF0105 Winding Road.mp3
AGOF0106 Charlie Vann Data.mp3
AGOF0107 Goes Like That.mp3

AGOF01 Song1 b-cv, v-g, dd-f, m-d
AGOF01 Song2 dj-g-v, dd-b, v-g, m-d
AGOF01 Song3 dd-b-v, v-g, d-k, m-d
AGOF01 Song4 dd-v, v-g, m-d
AGOF01 Song5 dd-v, v-g, m-d
AGOF01 Song6 dd-v, v-g, charles-d
AGOF01 Song7 dd-b, v-g, charles-d, b-h