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A Group of Friends Old roomies returned Set the mood to jam Stations every one Deep into the music Giovanna/Rob's wife and Vann datadave jammin' up Hang'n out run's rap Group shot tween sets Friends of friends Carla Carla July 4th AGOF party Wish this guy well Video TV Shots Og Sign in Newest member datadave cup-chuck-a-cup Mark showing off the Apple Computers Vann Cowan Guitar/Bass/Flute/etc. Bey hang'n w/FWB Video of the crew Kevin from Halloween chimes and drums Not My Job Man Ice storm 98 Frances at the pool graden Outdoor unplugged 99 AGOF by Ace's MG Charlie and George in California Phil and Jessica hang'n on band night Giovanna on garden tour. Re: Wash. Post 7/10/99 Carlie (Steve and Melissa(of Sidetract)'s cat ) George at a gaming convention in California. AGOF Disconnected 98 Vann and Carla @AGOF Disconnected 98 AGOF Disconnected 98 with Kevin on beer AGOF Disconnected 98 with datadave on guitar AGOF Disconnected 98 burgers sizzling Bey at AGOF sporting the Tour Jacket Datadave on guitar Vann rock'n out Norm jamm'n acustic Kurt and Devon Norn and Datadave do'n a duo Vann Cowan Datadave on the drum from Joan Jorge and friends Bey rock'n the congas Datadave on guitar The Other Bob Vann at AGOF Vann Bob and Datadave Datadave operating the equipment Jorge Master Jam Jorge and some AGOF wives Giovanna and Bob's wife Datadave Chandler Giovanna at AGOF Bob and his wife at AGOF Bey at AGOF Vann at AGOF Bey and Devon Bey and Giovanna Jorge the Bad Giovanna Bey Data Giovanna Vann Bob Giovanna Jorge Bey Data