• Hawaii was great, too expensive, $2.20 for a gallon of gas.
  • CD #9 has a 74 minute some, with 5 parts. We had to chop out huge sections to get it to be that small.
  • FREE MP3s of all our CDs are available for download for FREE as see on Napster. For actual CDs see "Catelog" and E-mail me your requests.
  • Kurt Thornburg worked wonders on my new ('84) Lincoln. Doing his full time mechanic gig in his new shop Kurt's Auto Repair 703 550-9351. If your in Northern Virginia I can give out his pager. 911 codes get immediate call-backs, so he says, I've never had to use it. Be prepared to wait if you want him to work on your car. I dropped it off over a month ago and he uses it, but doesn't work on it.
  • Welcoming e-mail from Arizona, Chile and Japan. Thanks for checking out our site. Your suggestions are welcome and we are listening.
  • Check out these bands: Sidetract, Circus Mind, True Beleivers (Playing Veronas in Manassas Saturdays, I helped them do "Party City" dedicated to a band house in Manassas Park).
  • Sidetract has a new keyboard player and they sound better than ever. We saw them at Fast Eddies and they were hot, many people danced, so crowded they cleared our stuff and sat people in our seats when we got up to dance.
  • New T-Shirts have arrived, double pressed this time, 12.95$US. In L, XL, XXL, XXXL. And,
  • New bumper stickers, with the charming "A Group Of Friends" logo on dayglow orange, 1.00$US and Large in white for 5.00$US.
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