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The various members of this group include:
Datadave Chandler - Vocals, Flutes, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Vann Cowan - Guitar, Bass, and Analog Synths
Mark Eckert - Drums
Charlie Quatro - Bass
Andre Richmond - Sax, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Bill Vraebel - Harp, assorted Honks
Burton Hall - Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals, Boomshakalaka
Norm - Gutar, Flute, Congas, Drums
Steve Tracey - Bass, Guitar
Duane Lynn - Bass, Guitar, Drums, Cars, etc.
Bey - Congas, Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, etc.
Tom Myerchin, more than just bass
Kurt Thornburg, Bass, Drums, Cars, etc.
Sorry, I'm dead! R.I.P. Carla Thomas (a.k.a. Tom Riggle), from neglecting diabetis, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, etc.
Charles Chandler - Bass
Bob - Trombone, Precussion
Other Bob - Precussion
Charlie and George in California
Rich played it all
Brian - Drums
Jessica - Additional Precussion
And Thanks to: Rob
for playing EVERY instrument and taking some great pictures with his new digital camera, some of which you see here. The gritty ones were wasted on a QuickCam that I traded for the EasyPhoto Reader.
And, Care Less Carlie, hang in there.

Plus, others too numerous to mention.
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